Long Overdue Castlepoint Stores Review!!!

On the 23rd of January 2013 Me and my class went on a trip to Castlepoint. To Understand branding in relation to our own t-shirt branding project. We went not to shop but for marketing and analysis. We were told to look at the way the windows were displayed, the way products linked in to the posters and promotion, the trends and colours, brand identity, creativity and synergy, tidiness, style, lighting, the fabric’s, the sales rail and how we were greeted.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 15.04.22

‘Castlepoint Shopping Park is a unique retail experience. Located on the edge of Bournemouth (A3060), Castlepoint is the largest shopping park in the UK and has many of the biggest stores in the region.

In addition to B&Q and three large anchors, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Asda, we are home to dozens of large High Street brands such as Next, Gap, H & M, New Look and much more, as well as restaurants and cafes.

We have over 3000 free car-park spaces with late night trading throughout weekdays until 8.00pm making Castlepoint a wonderful place to do all your shopping in one convenient location.’

(From http://www.castlepointshopping.com/)

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 15.11.52

The first store I went into was TOPSHOP and the first thing I looked at was the shop window, TOPSHOP’s window had sale all over it.



When I went inside I noticed that TOPSHOP had attempted to link the products together, with the outfits on the mannequins to the products on the racks, but It wasn’t as organized as it could have been. The store was well lit, I noticed that the trends were, simplistic, dark toned colours with a few brights, also black and white, Smart blazers, and printed leggings.

The sale rack was interesting, ruffles were going out, a lot of studs were on the sale rack and TOPSHOP definitely over bought too many studded jackets they had loads on the sale rack.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 15.38.31

The next store I went into was Miss Selfridge again had sales signs loud and clear on the display windows. Inside the store was Cramped and had a nice decorative metallic mirror overhead the entrance, but I think this is used as a way to try and make the store appear bigger, they link the products to the mannequins really well and you can find the exact outfit shown on the mannequins.


Some of the clothes that stood out to me were the textured circle skirts, the coco Chanel inspired Jackets, bright colours and bright coloured knitwear, the studs in Miss Selfridge was also out and they had bows, beads and embellishment inspired by the 1930’s swinger style.

The sale rack had elasticated waist band maxi skirts, faux fur, creamy knitwear and a few polyester shirts.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 15.59.50Marks and Spencer was the only store that took advantage of the upcoming holiday valentines day, Marks and Spencer are well known for their lingerie and I think that they promoted their lingerie very well though their windows for valentines day. And no sale signs!!!


Marks ans Spencer had similar trends to the other stores, The bright colours, the Coco Chanel jacket, they still had the khaki trend present, blazers and bold blacks and white prints. The synergy was good you could pick up the clothes as you saw them, Although the lighting in the store wasn’t great.



Marks and Spencer had a really good link with the products, they would have the mannequin display and then the clothes on the rack beside. I did see a section in the store that was just cardigans and they had a section of pastel cardigans, which completely confused me because the trends I saw in the store were bright dark tones and bold prints and then pastels?

UJU64owvVG9HKOQNJUF1rDlR5k1qj-A1ztQTwmAo9aANow this! this is bad organization!!! I couldn’t believe this this display was not making anyone want to buy those jeans at all, the display looked like you were hanging up your jeans up on a coat rack in your house because you were to lazy to put them away. Not good.

zNL5ounkDMq4Pv-zTM7HLMun77PX8V2pSlIwIoKmN4YScreen shot 2013-02-13 at 16.26.44

H&M had completely different posters to what they were trying to promote in store, They had a display where the poster did not tie into the clothes on the mannequins, the mannequins were styled in a edgy way and the poster behind was had natural and feminine style to it. and they only had a little sign saying sale outside. But inside it was very different it was very overwhelming they had big red banners on the word sale hanging from the ceiling it felt hard to breath it was uncomfortable.


ntOoRCc_7osmwiDe3kC-M1ht8JqK15-BJ1EJfO7R1Os They had a lot of bright pastels and, bold print displayed. the product link was good you could find the outfits.

KOMUjvk6Z7at-4vdj7RUhz5KKzib0-cCN3p12YtEE4sBut H&M did have a section in their store that had no organization to it at all it had all just been put in the same place without any aesthetic consideration.



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