Jacket Construstion

I had previously cut out the patterns needed to make the jacket. On this day me and my class were starting construction. I noticed that my sewing had improved a lot from last year, now i’m more in control of the sewing machine and I didn’t make any mistakes on the jacket that day.

Sewing on the collar was a little tricky, we all had to mark an ‘X’ to indicate were to stop and start sewing exactly. It was a sharp corner to sew for the collar and it had to be sewn and pivoted.

I’m really happy with my sewing and the jacket so far, I’m looking forward to completing it. For assessment we are only required to make half a jacket but I really want to make a full jacket, so after this half is completed, I will start on the other half along side my other work.


Let me know what you think and any comments.
Kali xx



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