Nikita + Tina Sutradha

I found this collection of beautifully designed outfits from; Nikita & Tina Sutradha The designs are inspired by Mundane things like hanging clothes to dry on a clothes line. "The simplicity of mundane, repetitive movement is translated into a chromatic palette inspired by the graphics of laundry detergent and brands found in a standard residence. Organza, jersey, wool and silk … Continue reading Nikita + Tina Sutradha


Leave Inspired Colour Palettes

Whilst in our busy life's we sometimes forget to be observant of the beauty around us. I'm designing jackets for New Look and I want to design for the more mature women. She would be aware of her environment, nature and want to merge or even blend well with the environment around her instead of … Continue reading Leave Inspired Colour Palettes