Castlepoint Review The winning store!!! NEXT

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 16.51.19   Next is the winner

I chose next as the winner because next had this ambiance that made you want to buy the clothes. The store had a theme and a lifestyle. They had this beautiful model all across the store, you could relate to her and picture her in all the clothes displayed, or there was a photograph of her in the clothes next to the display rack right in front of you.

NliW1K3cznGDUC-WKVQ2XUvHGibpy5GFLYCyOcfidygThe window display was the best window display I had seen all day, It was so pretty and the flowers continued into the store. It was put together really well, and styled really well. As you can see she was still putting on the finishing touches.n-yd3GnsqXpBHB5uLFp_bxnLEXU54dLnfyxSb5BuUfE

They had small sections of grouped clothes in stylized order and posters of the model showing the style and lifestyle. Here are two examples of the Coco Chanel Jacket and also a pencil skirt and other items that could go well with the overall outfit.

TL5YzNIx9U25o0IvZh_9EpcYTfBei1ODU2Z2sUYPLZ8HQzZBcmEOknzno8l1LggYCKHSfp7_JjFeIa7P6PQYyYHere they have a bigger section of pinks and pretty prints, blazers, and smart clothing. Still the same structure is applied that there is a poster for the style and the clothes shown with other options for outfits, you see this throughout the store.

ypxsMG1ySS0cXzVqMviEIo6ULR-ORSepuSeeQH69liYIxvYF8eux93c28pOEpTHkruBdVX_S3UN0VrWGs20NBMSH0w5R9hs0lk5hUzUYhCleyQG83D1Z0-uqorLhlRREEThey also displayed decorative pieces like the clocks and the frames that added a great synergy to the store.



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