The Importance Of Prepping

I was so close today to going and ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut a couple minutes walk away from my home in Bournemouth but I decided to stop being lazy and cook. It’s just cooking everyday can be so tiring right?

Whilst I was getting ready to cook and sipping on my mint hot chocolate I realized that all the small pots were being used so I had to use a massive pot to cook a small meal, but instead I cooked more to store away for another day so I wouldn’t have a, I don’t want to cook, lazy dilemma again.

I prepped, carrots, potato, sweet potato and broccoli and my dinner was fried chicken breast with baked sweet potato, boiled potato and broccoli with a little mayonnaise and pepper.

Moral of the story prep your food and you won’t have to worry about cooking everyday. I’m very happy with the way my dinner turned out and that I know I won’t have to cook for the next few days.

Hope you like this post feel free to leave comments and ‘like’ if you liked this post.

Kali xx





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