Nikita + Tina Sutradha

I found this collection of beautifully designed outfits from; Nikita & Tina Sutradha

The designs are inspired by Mundane things like hanging clothes to dry on a clothes line.

“The simplicity of mundane, repetitive movement is translated into a chromatic palette inspired by the graphics of laundry detergent and brands found in a standard residence. Organza, jersey, wool and silk interwoven into oversized silhouettes in bright primary colours whilst contrasting balance through linear and rigorous details, conceives exaggerated volumes, strong graphic impact and a kaleidoscope of tones.”

I love these designs the colours are bright and really stand out, I want to use my own colour palettes that i’ve created from autumn leaves for my designs the paler colours in there garments could be similar to the colours of my palette. Nikita + Tina Sutradhar’s design’s will influence my silhouettes.



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