Made A Nude Skirt

I went and bought a new plug for my sewing machine that's been sitting on my table as a decoration since I got back from the Christmas and new years holidays. So I was able to finally make the nude skirt that was sitting on my mannequin all this time.  I paired my nude skirt with … Continue reading Made A Nude Skirt


Nikita + Tina Sutradha

I found this collection of beautifully designed outfits from; Nikita & Tina Sutradha The designs are inspired by Mundane things like hanging clothes to dry on a clothes line. "The simplicity of mundane, repetitive movement is translated into a chromatic palette inspired by the graphics of laundry detergent and brands found in a standard residence. Organza, jersey, wool and silk … Continue reading Nikita + Tina Sutradha