Street Brands!!! Logo Research!!!

I looked at a few Street Wear logos, so I could get a feel of what Street Wear logos looked like and how to go about making my own.
A lot of the logos are black and white or only have one or two colours, Some logos have a signiture type of look, others have block letters and some have a typed name and a image that is easily recognizable.

Here are the logos I looked at.

logo research 1Logo2

Logos from (

I have decided to look closer at Stussy because it was ranked No.1 in the article.

‘You don’t invent the genre, survive and thrive through 3 waves of streetwear, and NOT make #1. You don’t have 75 of your own stores around the world, maintain and control your signature product, core following, and meticulous distribution over 30 years, and NOT make first place. Stussy is the example and the archetype. It all started in 1980 with a signature, and every streetwear brand since has had Stussy’s name written all over it. This list might as well have been entitled, “Top 50 Stussy Brands.”‘ Bobby Hundreds

stussy research

I like the signature typography that Stussy uses for its logo, I think that this could be a way I could make my logo, signatures also could relate to my brand because my target audience are striving to be somebody, to make it and having a signature that everyone wants or your autograph definitely corresponds to ‘making it’. They could also be seen as graffiti tags.

Stussy also uses cartoon figures on their designs and bold, bright colours. They also have a another smaller logo the two S’s back to front. On one of their T-shirt designs they use block letters but have a image in the back that comes though the typeface.

While researching for inspirational music lyrics, I watched Gangster lovin’ and at the start of the video they introduce the artists and the title of the track on white tee’s with block letters with images of anime cartoons in the back, I saw this technique here in this video first and I thought It was a great idea and now seeing it being used with the most respected street wear brand I will look into using this for my designs or logo.

Eve – Gangsta Lovin’ ft. Alicia Keys

Check out the first few seconds of the video


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