Brand Name Ideas

I started to think of names for my brand and I wanted a few simple words, to sum up my brand.

LOgo names

I thought of a few names, I really like the name ‘climb’ because it relates to areas in my past, it related to the fences that we used to climb over to get into other people’s gardens when we kicked the ball to high, in the council estate where I grew up. Also when your trying to become successful you climb up a ladder to get to the top.

Drawing fences001

I got a lot of the ideas for my brand name by listening and taking notes of lyrics from songs.

I also really liked the name ‘The Next Level’ because I think that my customers would be on the next level or stage of there life, trying to improve themselves, to be someone and become successful.

LOgo names2

Also I would always hear kids that thought they were hard or better then everyone else saying “I’m on a next level” and this just brought back memories and made me laugh. I think my customers could relate to this and find it funny because in fact the kids we knew that would say this wouldn’t actually in anyway be progressing, in most cases it was the opposite.

I think by using this as my brand name it would be putting the words into better use. ‘We’ can say we are on the next level or going to the next level, and their ain’t nobody laughing because it is a FACT!


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