My outfit today

My outfit today by kalina-watson-roberts featuring astley clarke I decided to wear a head wrap today because my curly hair was looking kinda fizzy and I was only going out to hand in my coursework, I have apurple head wrap on, my blue cyan jacject, purple converse, a brown lace top and black jeggings, I … Continue reading My outfit today


Treat Yourself This Valentines

Ladies you don't need a date for valentines, you can treat yourself and spend the day being your own valentines. Make yourself feel good, boost your confidence, pamper yourself, be beautiful. Valentines gives you an excuse to pamper yourself and be naughty with the chocolates!!!! Happy Valentines day!!!! ❤ Treat Yourself This Valentines by kalina-watson-roberts … Continue reading Treat Yourself This Valentines

Sweet Like Candy Pastels

Sweet Like Candy Pastels by kalina-watson-roberts featuring a chiffon skirt Pink long sleeve shirt H m jacket $39 - Full Circle chiffon skirt $27 - Patent heels Gold filled jewelry Kate Spade vintage stud earrings Benefit bright makeup $39 -