Japanese Colour Meanings

Japanese colour meanings shown on Temari Balls One of the symbolisms of giving Temaris as gifts is that they represent brilliance because of their colours, wishing the recipient a brilliant life also the joy of Temari balls is their great use of colors, they use traditional colour combinations for the  Japanese Temari and in Japanese … Continue reading Japanese Colour Meanings


Yuzen dyeing

'Silk-weaving families can be traced to the 15th century in the famous Nishijin weaving center of Kyoto, where elegant fabrics worn by the emperor and the aristocracy were produced. In the 17th century, designs on textiles were applied using stencils and rice paste, in the yuzen or paste-resist method of dyeing. The yuzen method provided an imitation of aristocratic brocades, which were forbidden to commoners … Continue reading Yuzen dyeing