Michael Jackson’s Birthday!

Michael Jackson is an inspiration to what seems like all of us, the world and the universe. Michael Jackson was born 1958 August 29th. Today he would have been 55, We lost A fantastic performer and a great person June 2009. I will always remember him. Michael Jackson is a family favourite especially in my family his music has been passed down though the generations and will carry on being passed. My little brother is six years old and he knows who Michael Jackson is he can pick him out in a picture, video, drawing and through his music. Michael is a major inspiration to me, I love him and I wish he wasn’t gone so soon. R.I.P Michael xx

This is one of my favourite songs and videos from MJ

Everyone around the world is celebrating Michael’s birthday with the, ‘Michael Jackson We Are One Wordlwide Birthday Celebration!’



  1. Use Instagram video to honor Michael Jackson on his birthday by sharing your idea for making the world a better place.
  2. Use hashtag #MJWeAreOne
  3. Turn on “Add to Photo Map” then share
    your video.

I’m going to be making a Celebration Video too follow me on instagram to see it (http://instagram.com/kalinajwr)

I drew a tribute drawing of Michael for his birthday.

He will live on in our hearts ❤



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