Internship In London

I had a great time working at Peekaboo Vintage, I learnt how a small business works so I know how to operate when I start up my own business. They asked me to model for them as well which came a a shock to me. I have a few good shots and the photographer said I was a good model and should pursue it, who knows I may even decided to give modelling a go as a side job.


20130624_11471720130624_155452 20130624_165448 20130624_165501 20130627_145706 20130627_153002 20130627_163522 20130627_163533 20130628_111317 20130628_113020 20130628_125833 20130702_133110 20130704_170231 20130704_170236


20130704_170242 20130704_170332


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