Obsessed With Strappy Heels

I’ve been obsessing over strappy heels for a while now, i’ve seen so many fashion gurus wearing them in OOTD’s on youtube, and I instantly loved them as soon as I saw them, I know that Zara first started bringing them out, and all the other retailers have followed. So ive done some searching to find a few different styles of the strappy heel. Ive looked at Miss guided and Boohoo, Ive found quite good priced elegant strappy heels.

These Three are my favourites that I’ve found and these are all from Miss Guided (http://www.missguided.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/71646/category/752/)

I love these because of course I love pastel colours and the colours shown here are a beautiful coral coloured heel, mint or aqua and a baby yellow or beige.

Out of the threeI think I prefer the mint all of these heels are priced at £29.99.


Next I have Boohoo.com (http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/footwear/icat/footwear/#esp_cf=pdxtcat&esp_filter_pdxtcat=Heels&esp_pg=2), they have a really good selection of strappy heels and in a few different styles. The Carrie ankle strap has less fabric at the back of the foot to bring more attention to the strap of the heel. They also all have metalic heel detail. In red, black and silver. Priced at £30.00.


The Scarlett strappy heels are the basic strappy heel, They have a bold bright yellow heal that I love, also suede and leather black heels, white heels and metalic silver. Priced at £25.00.


Boohoo.com also have Cara strap slim heels. These heels are the same shape as the Scarlett heels, but the main detail is the leopard print on the shoe,. I really like the orange and leopard print heel. The two leopard print heels are £30.00 each The leather black hell is £25.00.


I bought a re-make of these strappy heels from a small shop in Slough mine were priced at £22.00 and they are a beautiful coral colour. I plan to buy loads more of these heels I love them so much.



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