Thinking/Sims/Play With Life/Dreams


Up late it’s 4:22am exactly and I can’t sleep. I was up late playing The Sims 3 since i’m at my Nanna’s house and I don’t have a computer at home. The Sims if you don’t know is a simulation game that simulates life. You can grow old, have kids, build your house everything. I love the game because I’m completly free to do whatever I like. I can be 100% on the creative meter, I create everything and the only person to please is myself. I love playing the Sims because I can see the world (virtual world) clear and see all the possabilities. In the real world your only ever looking through your eyes so sometimes its hard to see the big picture. Playing Sims shows me that I can’t be narrow minded and not to think that this is it for me, It’s silly to say but Sims keeps me going when i’m down. So I can open my eyes when they begin to slip, to carry on believing in my dream.


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