She knows her worth but feels worthless,
So she lets men treat her as if she is worthless,
She wants the love from her love,
She wants to feel the love from her love,
She tries to find this in other men,
The men that do not love her,
But use her, differently to how she uses them.

She knows that trying to find love in these men is hopeless,
She still goes ahead with it anyway to fill her empty heart even for a moment,
She is then found in the sights of a man willing to fight for her love,
Her love has already been won by a man she cannot have
The very thing she wants she cannot have,
The very thing infront of her she cannot accept,

She enjoys these lustful pleasures with these men,
She does not love them,
She wants love from them,
You cannot feel love without being in love,
The feeling is not separate from the person attached,

She will feel worthy of love when she can accept and receive love again,
And only then she can feel love again.


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