My outfit today

My outfit today
I decided to wear a head wrap today because my curly hair was looking kinda fizzy and I was only going out to hand in my coursework, I have apurple head wrap on, my blue cyan jacject, purple converse, a brown lace top and black jeggings, I really love pastel colours and most of my life iv’e avioded wearing them because they were very bold but as Iv’e got older and more comfortable with myself I have strated weraing pretty pastel colours and mixing them up into my urban, girly rock style. I have three crystal rings that I wear all the time, carnelian, Rose quartz and hematite. hope you like the look.

Glamorous short sleeve top
$15 –

$340 –

Oasis skinny jeans
$60 –

Converse shoes
$110 –

Astley clarke
$5,955 –

Astley Clarke flower ring
$120 –

Wrap scarve

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