Swing Tag And Label Research

I found it hard researching about tags and labels on the internet but I found a few bits on http://www.stylesight.com that will help me with my decisions for what I want my tags and labels to look like.


First i’ll start with labels. Looking at the articles on http://www.stylesight.com I’ve noticed that a lot of the labels consist of the logo and brand being stitched onto fabric, this is then stitched onto the garment like patchwork with a boarder. Rather then have a plain ribbon label, the fabrics are usually a different colour to the garment. I like the creamy coloured fabric and the neutral browns.

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 19.16.19

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 19.10.26


I have one article from http://www.stylesight.com and a few tags that I got given to me by a friend that i’ve scanned in. Looking at the article from http://www.stylesight.com the swing tags have little booklets that help to make the swing-tags look creative and fun, I really like the polaroid swing-tag, and journal’s swing-tag with a block of black colour contrasting with the cream background.

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 19.10.16

I did a little research on the internet and found this image. This image shows me that swing-tags don’t have to be straight up and down you can be creative and create various shapes, as long as it has the information you need on it right??



These are the swing-tags my friend gave me that I scanned in. All of the tags in this image were connected to the same tag attached with ribbon, apart from the black tags i’ve highlighted. I really like the idea of having more than just a simple tag although I prefer the booklet idea. On the red tag it has a description  of the line so you can get more of an essence of the brand. I really like the cream tag it has a vintage feel to it and really love the drawing detail. The tags are simple block colours, but the two colours go harmoniously together when tied together as a swing. I also really like the little saying on the price tag, saying ‘Paying a small price for a lot of attention” it’s clever and adds to the appeal of the product.



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