Brand Logo Ideas

 I was watching videos on YouTube and I saw this typeface and I really liked the way the letters linked into each other to create a block. At the time I was going to have Climb be my brand name so I tried to re-create this typeface. and I really liked the way it turned out. When it cam creating designs for my logo with my final chosen brand name I used the same typeface, and had to draw out ‘The Next Level’.

Drawing n blm

Editing the Drawing on Photoshop was challenging but I did it, I added a few different colours to see what looked best and, used a few photos of Slough in the background, I adjusted the transparency on the photos so the colours could come though. I also decided that my logo didn’t need to have a background colour I wanted it t stand on its own, and the final white coloured background logo you see is the result. The way I positioned the images made a few of them extend away from the typeface but I liked it and thought it looked more unique so I left it as it was.

Logo experiments

 I’m still not to sure with the design, and I still want to experiment with a graffiti style. but this could be used on one of my designs or could be the theme of my designs but, I’m not sure about this style for my logo, I want it to look simple but unique. I think this is way too busy for a logo design.

The Next Level white bk


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