My Tarket Audience


ScanMy target audience is in between teens and young adults male and female, 16-25 I have chosen this age range because this is the age range that SYPC helps. This age group is quite a big range, but my brand would be aimed at a specific niche. I’m not selling a brand I’m selling a lifestyle and a understanding.

Scan 1Scan 2

The lifestyle of my customers would be along the lines of this:

May have been brought up without one or both parents or with a bad family unit. Living in council estates or hostels. Striving to be successful and having to keep themselves above water despite how many times the current forces them downwards. Growing up they might have been in crews or gangs to keep them safe, as a way of knowing that you have people looking out for you, because growing up in the streets isn’t easy.

Scan 2

Growing up on the streets also created this ‘Street Style’ of clothing, your clothes had to show that your not to be messed with, otherwise other youths would think of you as weak and wouldn’t respect you this applies to the girls too, they can’t be soft and ladylike, the female street style is well put together sexy and feisty, also again showing that their not afraid to get there hands dirty to protect themselves. With the government on their backs and the recession over their heads it’s a hard life just to try and get by.

Scan 1

The recession just makes it even harder for youths to follow there dreams. with no jobs this means no money and no money means that they have to hand themselves over to the government and apply for benefits to support them, so they can survive, I say ‘hand themselves over’ because once you apply for benefits your stuck you only have a certain amount of money to live on and its not yours, you can only just about scrape by.


I’m am in the niche of customers, I wouldn’t be designing a brand that I wouldn’t wear myself, I am from a low income family, The street style has influenced my own style and will always be with me, music is especially important to us, I think its because its a way that we can express ourselves in a powerful way, there are so many singers and rappers in our community and SYPC has a high demand of studio time, the music is about respect, talent and recognition. Grime is the most powerful music genre in the community. There is soft grime and rough grime, there are two examples bellow.

Lethal Bizzle Ft. Various Artists – Pow (Forward) “Relentless Video”, Rough Grime

Kano- Brown Eyes, Soft Grime

We strive to find a better life because there has got to be a better life than this one we live in, alot of us if we work hard, can achieve our goals but this is why SYPC needs to be kept around and others like it to help and inspire young people to keep trying and not to give up no matter how hard it gets. And I think my inspiration and motivation T-Shirts will help to raise awareness for youths to see that if I can do it they can too, that you can keep on going and you will achieve!!


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