Indeed Job site


Forever I have been trying to find a site that I can search for jobs and find great jobs that I can apply for, Indeed is a great site to look for specific jobs that you want, the website has jobs from everywhere, from Topshop, Next, B&Q, Pizza Express, Costa, etc….. I love it and for a student like me trying to find a part-time job its a great tool to use they also have an app that you can download to check jobs on the go. I prefer to use indeed on my phone when I have time to browse jobs and then I apply for them later on a computer. I use the app on my phone most of the time and It saves my searches and every time I open up the app it refreshes my searches to see if there were any jobs posted recently that match my search, The app also give recommended jobs to you based on what you have been searching for, you can save your favorite jobs and go back to them later.

Check out  ( to search for jobs now!!!!

Happy job hunting



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