Circle Skirts


Okay so I have this fabric, that is just lying there in my room and I have loads of it in silver, pink/red and black, so I decided to create my own circle skirts. Circle Skirts are on trend right now and I really wanted one and now I have three.


So I went a little crazy Making the circle skirts, but I was happy to be sewing again. To create a circle skirt pattern is very simple you just need your waist measurement and you need to divide this by 6.28 which is 2 x (pie), you times pie by two to get the circumference of the inner circle, and you divide your waist measurement by 2 x (pie) to get a 1/4 circumference of your waist, You need to create a right angle so you have a accurate corner to work on, create the pattern by marking out the measurement, at a corner of the paper and pivot around to get a accurate curved shape and re-draw the line. Then Measure how long you want your skirt to be and do the same with that line as well to create a curve. You can cut on the fold and create two pieces that you would sew together, or you can fold and then fold again, and put the pattern on the big fold and cut this will create one pattern without any seams needed, my fabric I used is stretchy and so I needed to use elastic to hold create a good finish. If your fabric isn’t stretchy then you will have to create a waist band and have a zip to get in and out. The waist band is easy you need to get some interfacing to make the waist band stiff, and you cut out about 4 inches width and the length of your waist measurement, after applying, the interfacing you need to fold the waist band in half and sew the waist band right sides together, the zip you can sew around it first and then use scissors to cut down the fabric to allow the zip to zip up and down.


The next skirt (below) I used a Asian sari scarf and cut two pieces of rectangle shapes i then lay these flat and cut a whole in the middle sewed around with elastic and then hey PRESTO, we have a cute what i have called fairy skirt .



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