I’m Back!!!! Happy 2013!!!/ T-shirt Project


Hi!! everyone, I’m back had a long break because of Christmas and New Years but….. Happy New Year its 2013!!!!!! My dad did have this great idea about writing down our New Years resolutions on paper and giving them to either him or my mum so it would be kept save and then we would open it out next year. It could have become a new tradition if we had done it!!!! *sigh* :/ But I will write my New Years resolutions here for all to see and hopefully I will achieve it this year, My new Years resolution is to start making and selling my own clothes using my skills in pattern cutting and construction that I learn in university and putting them into practice, and also to find a steady job to support myself at university.

Also I will get around to posting about my thoughts on my beautifully wrapped project and the final designs too.


My dad is always encouraging me to achieve more and do more, be better. We spoke about maybe creating T-shirts with inspirational and motivational lyrics, quotes, words etc… And then I come back to the second term at university and we are introduced to a new tutor whom I think is amazing, she has been working in the fashion industry for years, and has great experience. She has set us a new project and to my surprise its a T-shirt branding and SELLING project. I am soooo excited!!! I already had plans to sell my own clothes and my dad suggested inspirational printed T-shirts, this was great I can make my ideas and goals happen. I immediately knew what I wanted to do for my Project. My amazing new tutor also said that it would be a good idea to get involved with a charity or good course to create awareness about our brands.

(Screen shot of the sypc website)

Instantly the Slough Young Peoples Center (SYPC) in my hometown came to mind, Slough council have been proposed to shut it down. My new project, now has become a mission!! I used to go to SYPC with friends, my brother and everyone listed in my sound cloud post (https://kaliskrystals.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/soundcloud/)  are able to record their music to a high standard because of SYPC and I can’t let it get shut down, I come from a low income family and I know how hard it is to aspire to achieve your goals with everything against you, I’m lucky to have gotten to go to university with the fees against me, as bbc’s growing up poor:lads program states that

“less than half of teens from low income families make it to university”.

SYPC is a shinning light of hope to all young people in and around slough, support, help and a community that understands and helps each other grow. Music is one way that we can express ourselves and talk about the topics that affect us to try and reach out. SYPC helps young people to improve their lives and get the education that we all desperately need, We are the future and we need to be invested in to make the world better, the government is in recession and is making cut backs but young people and our futures should not be one of them.

Check out http://www.sypc.co.uk http://www.change.org/petitions/slough-borough-council-reject-the-proposals-to-close-slough-young-peoples-centre


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