Just started using sound cloud, I’ve been singing since I was little I’ve always loved to, it sort of runs in the family, my brother is on sound cloud too he’s been on there longer then me he’s been making his own beats and recording music with his friends. My Mum has sung in a competition and sings in the house all the time, my Dad was a DJ and did have a business going with it mixing music in clubs. I’m going back home to Slough soon for Christmas so I’m thinking about getting into music and singing alot more, especially with Producer, Kroduction, an old friend. I’ve got a few recordings of me singing so go check that out and also check out my brother his mates and Kroduction.

Me on soundcloud- Kalinajwr
My brother- Talencethegremlin
Check out our mates – Kampus army
And producer key beats – Kroduction

Follow me on Twitter – @kalinajwr
Instagram – @kalinajwr




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