New phone!!

I’m so happy I got my new phone the Samsung galaxy s3, been waiting to get this phone for so long!! I’m soo happy XD. Its a great phone and with features like motion, which is the way the phone picks up certain motion with it’s sensor, its a great new way to use your phone, also the s voice first introduced with the iphone 5. Yey I can get any app I want! I’m liking using instagram so far, the options for customizing are very simple and easy to use and can connect to your Facebook. This could be a way of my taking photos for, I’ve been wanting to create one, and me getting the new Samsung galaxy s3, with a brilliant camera, I can take photos for my blog, and for my lookbook when I make one! XD. I’ve also started a Twitter account you can check me out, what I’m up to and what inspires me. I highly recommend getting the Samsung galaxy s3. 😀
Below are my first few instagram photos.Twitter and Instagram-
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