Pitt Rivers Museum Exhibition Summary

The Pitt Rivers Museum is located In oxford, ‘The Pitt Rivers Museum cares for the University of Oxford’s collection of anthropology and world archaeology. Discover more about visiting along with information on the famous collections and our contemporary research’. http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/. The Pitt Rivers museum showcases various historical and world cultures, what they wore, how they lived, what the entertainment was back in there time and so much more.

I felt like I was travelling back into various times, all intriguing with great detail. I was most interested in the Divination and charms section of the exhibition, I am interested in magic and crystals myself and I had no idea what definition for divination was until I read the description beside the case.

Divination is the acquisition of information through the use of magic. The term comes from the Latin word divinaire usually entails consulting a specialist.

In Europe today the most common forms of divination are astrological, or making predictions based on palm readings or tarot cards. Less familiar is the practice of dowsing where people use special sticks that vibrate to indicate the location of water. In Asia and Africa divining often involved casting bones or wooden objects and interpreting the way they fell to revel answers to particular questions.

I was very interested about how they used objects that were believed to tell them information through the use of magic, I love magic, and it was interesting to see how it was practised back then. I did notice that the museum had a theme of ‘death’ which I found kind of dingy and scary so I was happy to find some beautiful fabrics and magic underneath it all, I also already had the idea of sushi within my project and seeing the japanese charms made me re-think my project and to explore japanese divination and charms, which led me to look at Japanese culture as a whole.

I did really enjoy seeing parts of the past in front of me, I learnt a lot and the trip was a whole new experience.


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