Shingo Sato The Magnificent!!

On Wednesday 14th November the fashion students at Arts University College Bournemouth were privileged to meet Shingo Sato and be presented with some of his techniques and work, up close!!

To Be honest I had never heard of Shingo Sato before but I am so happy to have been able to meet him and be introduced to his work. Shingo Sato is a Japanese Technical instructor for London Central Saint Martins College of Art, London College of Fashion, London University of Westminster, Nottingham trent University, Southampton Solent University, Paris Atelier Chardon Saverd, Parsons Paris school of design, NY Fashion institute of technology in Milan, The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, California College of the Art San Francisco, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Vancouver, Collegiatura Colombiana Medellin Colombia, La Salle College Bogota Colombia, Milano polytechnic university, Venezia Iuav art university, Milano Domus academy, Milano Accademia Brera Belle d’Arte, Torino Accademia Albertina Belle d’Arte, Milano Istituto Marangoni, Milano Istituto IED, Alba Istituto Feller, Busan Pukyong national art university, Vmode Academy Ho chi minh city, Tokyo Bunka Gakuen university, Tokyo Musashino art university, Tokyo Tama art university and Tokyo Sugino university.

Actually looking thought the list i’ve noticed my university, Arts University CollegeBournemouth isn’t there. :/

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It would be great if he could become a technical instructor at our university too, his work and what he has discovered is amazing! Shingo showed us how to remove the darts in the pattern to create style lines, different shapes without altering the fit of the garment. most of the shapes he made created odd looking pattern pieces but the garments would only be made with 1,2 or three pattern pieces because they were odd shapes. Because a lot of the shapes he showed us in his presentation had curves in then he told us how we would sew the patterns together, the patterns would have to have a 5mm seam allowance in order to sew them together, he called the different curves, the ‘valley’ and the ‘mountain’ and at first I was confused but as he demonstrated I understood, he was pointing out that the curves that dip in ‘valley’ had to be sewn to the curves that dipped out ‘mountain.’ you would have to turn the fabric around to sew the different curves together. He also showed us some of his famous techniques, Box, Origami, Draping, Gathering and Vortex.

Here is his Box techniques posted on Youtube, he has a Youtube channel that shows all of his videos, techniques and demonstrations. Here is the link to his youtube channel,

Because of the style line shapes that Shingo creates you can play around a bit more with the grain line of your pattern pieces, Shingo uses the position of the grain line on the fabric to create optical illusions, like the one shown here in the video above.

I’m so happy to have been introduced to his work, I love they way he has found a way that any designer can enhance their designs though his techniques, He has many online courses around the world, and he has his TR pattern school in Milan. His techniques has already sparked my inspiration, I had flashes of ideas come to mind when seeing what you could do with the knowledge of how to manipulate fabric combined with his techniques.

Here is some of his students work, images from Shingo Sato’s Facebook page.

If you would like more information on Shingo Sato you can visit:

youtube channel – (

Facebook – (

Website –  (


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