I bought a kimono!!!!!

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I bought a kimono from a magic shop!!!!! My mum first got me into magic, crystals, candles and incense when I was younger and its always been in my life, I love crystals and having a sense that they are helping me generate my energy into the right places, where I need them in my life. So when I found my new magic shop in Bournemouth I was so happy because its one of those things that I can tick off my check list, doctors, check, supermarket, check, magic shop, check.  I went into the Magic shop to buy crystals for myself and to show my mum, I think that is crazy funny because I was  intrigued by the old divination and charms in the Pitt Rivers Museum at the start of my project and now i’ve found a beautiful peacock silk kimono in my new magic shop, so kimonos, charms and divination must be related in some sort of way.

The Magic shop is called

Photo by By Alwyn Ladel

“An ethnic shop which is one of the best of its kind. It has an extensive range of crystals and jewellery, as well as New Age music and literature on Buddhism and alternative health therapies. It caters for a broad spectrum of customers, not simply the hippy crowd. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful”
Quote from The Times
(insider’s guide to shopping in Bournemouth)


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