Beautifully Wrapped

京都の舞妓(maiko of Kyoto)

photo by Sangho Jo

As I researched sushi and japanese culture I found beautiful images of japanese kimonos and decided to continue researching into japanese culture. I discovered that the decorative images on kimonos were symbols and the colours displayed on the kimonos had meaning. For example, cranes in Japanese textiles represented long life and good fortune. They are mostly associated with the Japanese New Year and also wedding ceremonies, the crane is often woven into a wedding kimono or obi.


This concept reminded me of the charms and divination I saw in the museum.

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I chose to watch ‘Memoirs of a geisha’ for research, geisha’s always wore traditional kimonos, I learnt from the film that geisha do not become geisha because they choose to, they become geisha because they have no choice.

They are precious beautiful women contained away from love and choices as a geisha.

I found my link between sushi and kimonos, I researched sushi and I found out that fish and meat were wrapped in rice and sea weed to contain them, keeping them fresh and this is how sushi was created.


Kimonos are wrapped around geisha and their bodies are kept in containment inside the kimono, as well as their own interests and opinions.

If I did give a title to my project I would call mine,

‘Beautifully Wrapped’.




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