Japanese Culture

The first project my class and I have been assigned is called ‘Melting Pot’. We should take inspiration from different cultures similar to how the fashion industry does, so they can create new designs and keep up with demands for new trends.

I have chosen to look at japanese culture. I came across the idea of looking at japanese culture by looking for work, I was offered the opportunity to work in a sushi bar and I was intrigued by the art of making sushi, the colours and the way it’s made, it is a art form, sushi is like edible art. I was told I would be taught how to make sushi if i got the job although due to unfortunate circumstances I was not able to be employed by the bar, but the idea of sushi for my project still stuck in my head.

My ideas became challenged after a class trip to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. I was inspired by divination, spirituality, charms and the traditional clothing in the museum. After the trip I was unsure about choosing to use sushi and japanese culture as the basis for my ideas.


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