Blog Introduction

Hi and welcome to my blog, my name is Kalina and i’ve recently moved to Bournemouth for university, i’m conveniently living near to Bournemouth station and Asda. Woo!! Well for a student its pretty amazing I don’t have to go far for shopping or McDonnell’s!! I’m studying Fashion Design and Technology at the Arts University College Bournemouth. My creative style is typically girly although I love to add a little bit of edge to it, like mother nature, she is nurturing, loving, sweet, pure, light, colourful, and then she can be dark, fierce, protecting, ruthless, and harsh. Within the course me and about 35 other students studying the course are learning to create construct and make garments, the course is for 3 years and the cost of the course is £8,600 per annum. I believe that at the end of the course I will have the necessary talent skills and knowledge to fulfil my goal of becoming a fashion designer and selling my own clothes. Everyone in my class has been asked to create a blog, ours blogs are apart of our assessment and but i’ve created this blog to record my progression whilst i’m at university, to also share my creativity with you all and bring up any other interesting topics I come across on my exciting journey to completing my goal and becoming a fashion designer.

I hope you are inspired by my work and ideas, please keep up to date and look out for my future blogs. 

I will post a new blog every week, lots of love xx


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